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  • Lone Worker and Panic Alarm - Shops, Malls
    & Retail Parks

    The introduction of lone worker alarms for shops, malls and retail parks has been designed to ensure employers take care of staff. 4i Security can help you remove employer’s exposure by solving many problems that could create a lone worker issue.

Lone Worker and Panic Alarms - Shops, Malls & Retail Parks

4i Security’s unique automated solutions, designed for the retail sector, provide protection of staff and clients who are working in hazardous environments.

With the development of new technology, lone workers are becoming increasingly common in shops, malls and retail parks. All areas are looking to lower costs and create effective solutions to meet this growing demand.

4i Security can help you provide a cost effective solution to these common healthcare issues. Whether you need a police, guard or key holder response, used with COREBOX®, we guarantee to make your life easier.

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We Understand Your World

Corporate Manslaughter Act

With the increased pressure of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, it is important to use a system that can relieve some of the daily pressures of Health and Safety Managers and Directors.

Expensive and Inconvenient

4i Security’s lone worker solutions will help you keep track of your workers saving you valuable time and money.