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  • Eliminate over 98% of False Alarms

    COREBOX® constantly monitors and resolves issues automatically. You are always informed of problems and made aware of any unresolved issues. No need to worry about your staff members forgetting or not completing important tasks. COREBOX® does this for you eliminating false alarms and call outs.

  • Innovative Security and Health & Safety Solution

    COREBOX® takes away your headache of managing multiple systems such as; intruder alarm, access control, fire alarm, health & safety compliance, time management and much more by providing you with one fully integrated, automatic package.

  • Monitored 24/7 - All Year Round

    COREBOX® will lighten your workload, save you money and increase your business security whilst ensuring health & safety compliance.

  • Easy Payment Options

    COREBOX’s potential is limitless. Best of all is that you don’t need to buy it all - just the security and health & safety solutions YOU need.


COREBOX® will lighten your workload, save you money and increase your business security, while ensuring health & safety compliance.

Best of all, you don’t need to buy the whole system - just the security and health & safety solutions YOU need.

Intruder Detection Monitoring

  • Eradicates false alarms and call outs
  • Automatic daily maintenance
  • Dramatic cost savings against Redcare
  • 24/7 monitoring of all your systems
  • Identifies the exact location of any problem
  • Automatic setting, in case you forget
  • Specific time setting for different areas
  • Automatic programming backup
  • Integration with Access Control and Fire Alarm systems
  • Automatic open and close reports
  • Time and attendance reports

Access Control Systems

  • User monitoring
  • Lost fob and access card protection
  • Instant confirmation of any unauthorised access
  • Notification of fault – i.e. break glass broken until repaired
  • Integrate fingerprint technology with Intruder detection system:
    • Time management system
    • Payroll
    • Fire alarm roll call
  • Confirmation doors unlock during fire tests
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Eliminates staff negligence
  • Multi-site management from one point
  • Provides peace of mind for managers and directors

CCTV Systems

  • Identifies blocked sensors
  • Full reporting system
  • Online Management Solutions
  • Integrates fully with Intruder Detection and Access Control Systems

Fire, Gas and Smoke Alarm Systems

  • Health and safety compliance
  • Confirmation fire tests are carried out
  • Confirmation fire doors are being tested
  • Confirmation doors unlock during fire tests
  • Fire alarm roll call feature when used with access control
  • Complete audit trail – minimises risk
  • Full reporting suite
  • Single monitoring platform rather than multiple Redcare lines
  • Integration with existing systems

Flood and Temperature Monitoring

  • Early warning of potential flooding risk
  • Bolts on to existing security system
  • Ability to automatically turn off mains water supply
  • Early warning of dangerous temperature changes for areas such as:
    • Fridges and Freezers
    • Server Rooms
    • Classrooms
    • Boiler Rooms
  • Complete audit trail – minimises risk
  • Full reporting suite
  • Single monitoring platform rather than multiple Redcare lines
  • Integration with existing systems

Time & Management Systems

  • Integrates with access control - reducing costs
  • Staff clocking in and out
  • Roll Call in the event of fire
  • Ability to integrate with payroll software

Health & Safety

  • Integration with Access Control and Fire Alarm systems
  • Ensures fire doors are operational
  • Ensures health and safety compliance
  • Automatically turns off water in event of flooding
  • Detects lone workers
  • Extra peace of mind with panic alarms

What’s next?

For more information about COREBOX® or any of our security solutions call 08000 803 015.

COREBOX® - We understand your problems

False Alarms

You’ve had the call in the middle of the night and your burglar alarm system is going off, but it’s another false alarm, or, even worse, you’ve been broken into and it hasn’t gone off.

With COREBOX® you only get the call when the alarm is genuine.

Engineer Waiting Times or Slow Police Respons

You’ve had the false alarm and you’ve arrived on site. The monitoring centre tells you an engineer is on his way. Hours later he arrives.

With COREBOX® you don’t get false alarms so there is no waiting. If you ever have an issue you call us and we take over for you.

Expensive Call Out Charges

You’ve been out all night on a call out and the engineer has turned up and reset your burglar alarm system. Now you get a bill from your security alarm company - Why? It wasn’t your fault and you didn’t realise you needed a new detector.

With COREBOX® fully inclusive guarantee, you never pay for any product failure or call out charges that aren’t your fault.

Alarm Detectors Not Working or Covered

It’s the worst-case scenario. You have been broken into and your system didn’t go off. Your detector was faulty or it was hidden behind a box or Christmas decoration.

Not all detectors sense obstructions, but COREBOX® checks all detectors for blockage. COREBOX® also checks every detector, every day to ensure they are still working correctly.

Usually, you would wait for six months to find this out - when the alarm company comes to check your system.

Lost or Swapping Security Fobs and Access Cards

You have just found out your staff members are lending out their access fobs or access cards because one of their ‘mates’ has lost theirs. Without your knowledge there is a missing card out there that will let anyone into your building.

With COREBOX®, we inform you when staff members stop using their fobs or key cards so that you can check whether they have lost them or not.

COREBOX® also has the ability to control fingerprint readers, which guarantees no access card swapping. As well as access control systems, this can also be used for time management.

Unmonitored Employees

You have a fire alarm test but you’ve no idea how many people are in the building or if they have all got out.

COREBOX’s roll call time management feature means we can tell you who is still in the building, making roll call easier and helping your facility to run efficiently.

Untested Fire Alarms and Unopened Fire Doors

You have fire doors with grills or bars on. It’s your employee’s responsibility to make sure they are opened every day and to test that the fire alarm systems work correctly.

But as soon as your back is turned, it doesn’t happen - and in the event of a fire, it’s the Managing Director’s responsibility.

COREBOX® automatically checks your fire system has been tested – including details of when, which doors were opened and for how long.

It will also send detailed reports to you, notifying you when tests have been carried out and that doors that are not opened or tested.

COREBOX® cannot be beaten.

COREBOX® Monitoring Solutions

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Temperature
  • Flooding
  • Lone workers
  • Panic Alarms