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  • What does it do?

    4i Security’s Fully Automated Guard Replacement does everything a security guard does and more. In the event of an alert, the system will instantly report to our 24hour control room where we take the appropriate emergency action. The system does not sleep and it can watch EVERY part of your school, college or university - all the time.

  • Cost Saving

    With a return on your investment from just nine months there are enormous savings to be made. On average, a 4i Security basic single Automated Guard Replacement system can save you over £250k in just five years. With a 4i Security system, you have a fixed price so you can set your budgets accordingly.

  • Easy Payments

    With 4i Security Easy Payments Options, there will be no capital outlay but you still make cost savings. By choosing 4i Security’s Easy Payment Options you will often find it is cheaper than you are currently paying for your guard and other systems.

  • How does it work?

    4i Security will carry out a free on site consultation you to find out your requirements, providing a detailed specification for your site and a projected costs saving plan. Contact us for more details.

  • Monitoring and Support

    All the systems in your school, college or university are constantly monitored 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. You will have fully inclusive 24hrs support and warranty guarantee. We automatically maintain your system while you sleep, creating your reports and keeping your assets safe. You will know about everything that happens at your organisation.

Fully Automated Security Guard Replacement – Schools, Colleges
& Universities

4i Security is highly experienced in designing and installing security solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

From simple surveillance systems to large complex solutions, the systems are tailor made to meet your needs and requirements.

Whether you are a multi-tenanted site or you have people that need access at any time, we have a solution for you.

To be truly effective, all of our systems must have a bespoke design in order to minimise risk. The usage of the school, college or university is taken into account so that the system remains effective and user friendly.

We understand that in this tough climate industrial businesses need to dramatically cut their overheads without impacting on security.

With 4i Security’s Fully Automated Guard Replacement you can do exactly that.

4i Security will visit your site, discuss your requirements and propose a system that not only increases your educational building’s efficiency and profitability but can also provide you with services and solutions you will be currently paying for.

Utilising the benefits of COREBOX®, we are able to provide you with solutions that no other security company can offer. With five year savings of £250k-£500k per site, you will be glad you chose 4i Security.

If you have multiple premises, the cost savings can be enormous. You can benefit from common systems on all your school, college or university, including our unique Health & Safety Compliance Package and Online Management Console.

If you want to ease your Capital Expenditure, try our Easy Payment Options where you can purchase the system for less than your current outgoings and still get all the benefits and cost savings.

Take a look at our News and Case Study pages where you can read more about our award-winning system and how it dramatically resolves security problems.

For more details contact us via email or call 08000 803 015.

We Understand Your World

  • You need to cut your overheads
  • You need to increase your levels of security
  • You want a system that operates 24 hrs a day
  • A system that doesn’t sleep or go on holiday
  • Multiple sites = multiple problems
  • You can’t be everywhere all the time

4i Security Guard Replacement Solutions:

  • National Coverage

  • Every system monitored 24/7
  • Complete Intruder Alarm Solution

  • Complete Access Control Solution

  • Complete CCTV Control Solution
  • Complete Fire Alarm Solution
  • Temperature and Flood Monitoring

  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Fully Inclusive Guarantee – Fixed Costs

  • Complete Key holder control and Emergency response

  • Fast police notification

  • Watch live through you own bespoke reporting console
  • Automatic daily maintenance
  • Dramatic Cost Savings
  • Standard hardware so you are not “stuck” to 4i Security

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