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  • Fire Alarm Compliance - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package removes all problems caused by staff negligence, ensuring all fire alarm systems are being tested and are working correctly. Automated reports are sent to you when tests are done and, more importantly, when they are not.

  • Electronic Door Opening - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package ensures all your fire doors are opened at the correct times and that any electronic door locks unlock in the event of an emergency. 4i Security notifies you instantly when any part of your system doesn’t comply.

  • Fire Drills - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package features a rollcall system helping your hospital, clinic or care home meet its health and safety requirements, allowing you to monitor which staff members are in your building, in case of a fire drill or, in the event of a real fire.

  • Emergency Lights - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    It’s vital to ensure your emergency lighting is being tested at your hospital, clinic or car home, yet, surprisingly, this does not always happen. 4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package will tell you when lights have been tested and, more importantly, when they haven’t.

  • Health and Safety Reporting - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    Using your personal reporting console, you have access to an unlimited amount of your information logs and report data, download or automate reports showing when staff, lock / unlock, test or don’t test life critical systems.

  • Lone Worker & Staff Negligence - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    Ensure the safety of your staff. If you employ staff members that work on their own, it is the responsibility of the Owner / Directors to ensure their safety.

  • Smoke and Gas Detection - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package provides constant security, detecting and immediately addressing any harmful dangerous smoke or gases that could be released.

  • Temperature & Flood Monitoring - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

    Have you ever turned up to work and it’s to cold to open for students? The boiler could drop below allowed levels, potentially freezing water pipes and bursting. If you had known an hour earlier this could be prevented.

Health and Safety Compliance Package - Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

Available as a standalone solution or as part of COREBOX®, 4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package for the healthcare sector provides you with solutions from as little as £300 per year.

Health and safety is a primary concern in hospitals, clinics and care homes. 4i Security will help you keep on top of your health and safety compliance, ensuring efficiency and promoting health and safety at all times.

With the increased pressure of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, it is important to use a system, which can relieve some of the daily pressures of Health and Safety Managers, Facilities Managers and Directors.

By allowing us to ensure health and safety compliance of your security and safety systems, as well as increasing efficiency, you will save money and enhance your security.

Tests carried out by staff members, are, ultimately, the MD’s responsibility.

4i Security’s automated Health & Safety Compliance Package carries out tests and informs you if staff aren’t doing their jobs.

Whether you are responsible for 1 site or 100 sites, our automated reporting system will give you accurate on-site reports. You no longer need the fire alarm log book.

Do you know who is on-site and when they arrive?

Use the staff and visitor time management system to keep you updated and also provide you those critical reports for fire drills.

For more details contact us via email or call 08000 803 015.

We Understand Your World

Untested Fire Alarms and Unopened Fire Doors

You have fire doors with grills or bars on. It’s your employee’s responsibility to make sure they are opened every day and to test that the fire alarm systems in your hospital, clinic or care home work correctly.

But as soon as your back is turned, it doesn’t happen - and in the event of a fire, it’s the Managing Director’s responsibility.

4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package automatically checks your fire system has been tested – including details of when, which doors were opened and for how long.

It will also send detailed reports to you, notifying you when tests have been carried out and that doors that are not opened or tested.

Unmonitored Employees

You have a fire alarm test but you’ve no idea how many people are in the building or if they have all got out.

4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package includes a rollcall time management feature, which means we can tell you who is still in the building, making rollcall easier and helping your hospital, clinic or care home to run efficiently.

Broken Emergency Exit Buttons, or Emergency Lighting

It is often unclear when emergency exit buttons or lighting are broken within a hospital, clinic or care home and it can be difficult to detect.

4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package automatically fixes problems and informs you of any unresolved issues.

Doors Left Open or Unlocked

You are unaware that your doors are not closing or locking properly.

4i Security’s Health & Safety Compliance Package automatically informs the correct people should a door within a hospital, clinic or care home is not working as it should.

Temperature Monitoring

You are unsure if your temperature is at a safe level and there is no way of controlling it.

Health & Safety Compliance Package can be designed to monitor and ensure temperature levels are consistent. This can be used for a wide range of applications, including in rooms, fridge freezers, or aquariums.

With the development of new technology, lone workers are becoming increasingly common within the workplace.

4i Security Health & Safety Compliance Solution:

Health & Safety Compliance Package
  • Fire alarm systems compliance
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency lighting testing compliance
  • Staff safety
  • Lone working solutions
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Fully integrated with COREBOX®

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